Cheetah Designer: Visual IDE


It is well known that running a trading algorithm in hardware yields the lowest possible latency and a throughput that doesn’t degrade under load. It is also known that it takes a specialized design team weeks, if not months, to bed down a custom hardware design – or simply make a small change to it. This has traditionally led to a tradeoff between time to market and ultimate low latency, with many choosing to implement in software to achieve better time to market.

Cheetah Designer changes all that.

Designed to go hand in hand with the Cheetah Framework, Cheetah Designer gives you full control of the algo from your workstation, while the algo executes directly in the hardware at lightning speed.

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Keep realtime control on your profits

While the Cheetah Framework can still be controlled and configured programmatically using the Cheetah API, it is now possible to simply drag and drop the Cheetah Blocks you need onto a design worksheet, connect them up, and then push your design to the hardware. The Cheetah Designer design environment lets you quickly build or modify a design visually.

Cheetah Designer is HTML-5 based allowing simple remote monitoring and reconfiguration of your collocated hardware alg.



Cheetah Designer Highlights:

Configure, Monitor, Alter your Hardware Algo visually - in real time.

  • Quicky configure your Alg using Cheetah Designer's visual editor.
  • Download and Configure the Hardware in seconds.
  • Review performance in Real Time.
  • The Alg executes in the Hardware at lightning speed, but you see everything from your console.



  • Load palettes to match HW.
  • Drag Cheetah Blocks from palette to design, and connect them up.
  • set parameters.
  • configure the hardware.
  • See hardware stats in realtime.
  • Send commands to Cheetah Blocks at the press of a button.
  • See logs from the hardware in realtime.
  • Change parameters or reconfigure the hardware in seconds.
  • save and load designs.
  • save and load logs.

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