Framework component: Lookup Bus

Certain Algo Modules require access to instrument specific statistical data which may be provided by other Algo Modules. The Lookup Bus provides an interconnect that allows interconnection between such modules in such a way that the requesting module may either target a specific module to respond or may allow any module that has the data to respond.

The Lookup Bus component forms part of the Cheetah Framework which provides components to glue Algo Modules (or Cheetah Blocks) together.


The Lookup Bus accepts lookup requests inputs on an incoming request bus and multiplexes these onto an outgoing lookup request bus.

It starts a timer and waits for a response from any Cheetah Block (or other component) connected to the incoming response bus. Once it has this response, it feeds this back onto the outgoing response bus to form the reply to the original request. If no component response within a timeout, then the Lookup Bus provides a timeout response.

The Lookup Bus contains an audit function which records every transaction on the Lookup Bus (both requests and responses) well as how long the transaction took.

This information is recoverable via the Status/Audit framework component.



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