Cheetah Cub: Tick Store

The Tickstore component provides a simple mechanism for you to store tick data for each instrument within your Algo Module.

The Tickstore component forms part of the Cheetah Cubs library which provides components for making your own event processing Algo Modules.


The Tickstore provides a store of N banks of one data point value per instrument (up to 255 instruments).

It can be used to store intermediate or final calculated values on a per-instrument basis.

The Tickstore is dual port and can provide a ready interface to the Lookup Bus for providing asynchronous statistical data for an instrument.

Along with the data point value, it also stores validity information (for each datapoint) and has a single cycle reset of all validity points in a bank.

You can also add extended data to the Tickstore to store additional data alongside the data point.

The Tickstore can be instantiated any number of times to provide the storage you need and has single cycle writes and reads.


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