Cheetah Blocks and the Cheetah Framework can be used anywhere you need ultra fast processing of market data and extraction of market technical indicators.




You may have already placed a TCP offload engine and Market Data decoder into your NIC to get fast access to your market data. But what if when you received that data, it already contained up to date indicators, such as trend strength, MACD or EMA price indicators.

With Cheetah Solutions, you can easily plug together Cheetah Blocks to extract this data on the fly and package it together with the market tick.

In another example, you may wish to build a algorithmic tick-to-trade system for automated trading. Current server technology allows you to build such a system in software and achieve millisecond order placement times (or even down to 100s of microseconds). Fast timing is critical in order to stay at the head of the market.

Imagine if you could reduce that response time to less than 1 microsecond. You can build such a system with components from Cheetah Solutions. Your system would directly process market ticks from the network, run them through our Cheetah Blocks to extract and compare technical indicators against benchmarks, and issue orders in realtime in hardware. Your software system would then simply be taking a supervisory role, applying limits, checking results, and steering the hardware.

By adopting the Cheetah Framework, you will be able to take advantage of easily expanding your solution as we bring IP Cores for additional technical indicators to market, or use our Cheetah Cub IP to build your own custom indicators that slot right in.

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