Cheetah Host provides server interface to fpga algo trading appliance


Serverside host framework to allow configuration, monitoring, reporting, and simulation.

There are two ways to configure and interact with the Hardware based Cheetah Framework:

- Visually - using the Cheetah Designer IDE

- Programatically - using the Cheetah API.

The Cheetah Designer IDE allows you to easily configure a design by visually dragging the required Cheetah Blocks from a palette and connecting them up.

Alternatively you can configure from your Java program using the API.

The Cheetah Host Framework provides a Software server framework for interacting with a Cheetah Hardware solution. It provides a model of the instantiated Cheetah Blocks and provides a simple API for configuration and wiring together with an API for receiving callbacks for status, logging, and audit events, and an API for sending commands to the hardware modules.

An optional simulator allows simulation of the hardware using supplied Java models.




Java JAR files

Javadoc documentation

User Guide

Interface Guide


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