Cheetah  Cubs - IP Cores for algo trading with fpgas

IP Core blocklets to help you build your own algo modules. Our Cheetah Cubs provide the basics for configuration, status monitoring, instrument data sets, mapping from instrument codes to instrument IDs.

You will quickly and easily be able to develop your own tick processing modules and couple them into the Cheetah framework.


Whether you decide to use the ready-built Cheetah Blocks or not, it is likely that you will want to create your own tick processing modules as well.

Cheetah Cubs makes this easy by providing commonly used components such as moving averages, tick data stores, ultra fast hashmaps, unique data sets, and filters.

Cheetah Cubs Block/Basics IP Core helps you plug your own Algo modules directly into the Cheetah Framework, giving you all the benefits of run-time configuration and monitoring.


VHDL Source (site license)

Self Checking Testbench


Java simulator


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