Cheetah Solutions announces Cheetah Designer visual algorithm editor

15 October 2013, Zurich, Switzerland - Cheetah Solutions today announced the release of the Cheetah Designer , a tool for rapid visual configuation of hardware-based trading algorithms. The Cheetah Designer works hand-in-hand with the Cheetah Framework.

With the Cheetah solution, the alg always executes entirely in the (FPGA) hardware, bringing the lowest latency from market event to order placement.

Algorithms are built by plugging together standard components (Cheetah Blocks) such as EMA, MACD, ADX, etc. as well as arithmetic and logic computation blocks. You can also create specialised components with your own "secret sauce".

Until now, the wiring up and configuration was done programatically through the Cheetah API. The Cheetah Designer complements this approach by offering an HTML based visual integrated development environment (IDE).

Trading Algorithm developers simply drag Cheetah Blocks onto the design surface and connect them up. After setting configuration parameters (such as EMA sequence length), the designer can push the new (or altered) design to the hardware in seconds, and observe its behaviour in real time.

What sets the Cheetah Solutions approach apart from other FPGA trading systems is the ability to create and alter designs without going through the time consuming FPGA development cycle.

We will shortly be releasing a video to show how easy it is to configure a new trading algorithm and have it run in the hardware at lightning speed, in the meantime, please visit our website to get a first look at the Cheetah Designer.

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Cheetah Solutions was founded in 2011 by staff passionate about high performance hardware for financial trading and committed to creating innovative solutions to acceleration of trading applications.

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