Meet Peter Fall of Cheetah Solutions at the Low Latency Summit, London, 19 Feb 2013

February 2013, Zurich, Switzerland - Peter Fall of Cheetah Solutions will be participating on the experts panel for the drilldown workshop: Hardware Acceleration: Approaches and Architectures at 4pm.

This is an opportunity to meet industry professionals and find out how the Cheetah Solutions Framework can assist you to develop ultra low latency trading solutions.

"Cheetah's dynamically reconfigurable framework and standard algo modules give you the best of both worlds", explains Mr Fall, "You can have ultra low latency, and algorithm flexibility; and you can easily add custom Algo Modules into the framework as needed."

Learn more about the Low Latency Summit, London, Feb 19.

Visit to download our whitepaper on ultra low latency arbitrage.

About Cheetah Solutions

Cheetah Solutions was founded in 2011 by staff passionate about high performance hardware for financial trading and committed to creating innovative solutions to acceleration of trading applications.

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